I have a friend who have recently first grandchild. So I tried to make "the diapers cake" for his grandchild. It could be completed surprisingly prettily! How does it look? Babyscake
    Japanese Nightingal
      Today, I have been the unusual happened .
      When I go out with bike, the strange thing happened!
      When I was bike on the street, a little bird fell into the basket from the sky. It was a Japanese Nightingale. Japanese Nightingale is the simbol of Japanese spring.
      Just when I help her(him), she had run away shouting!
      However, I could be a little happy.
      Because Japanese Nightingale will be loved from Japanese peoples.
      Even so, what happened?
      My favorite fruit!
        My father came to me after his trip.
        And I received a citrus what is called “ ZABON” as his souvenir. He is from Yatsushiro, Kumamoto Prefecture in Kyusyu. And this is special local fruit.
        Look at it! What big and heavy! It is same size as human’s head.

        Big orange1
        Big orange

        The weight is about 2kg. And it has very thick peel. So, we must use knife when we eat it.
        this taste has bitter like grapefruit. The fruit juice is not much, but we can enjoy crunchy texture.
        This taste is just a little bit different from other fruits. The children will not be able to know this taste. In fact, I didn’t like it when I was little. However, now, I like Zabon.
        Thank youラブ
        After the earthquake
          One month have passed since the great earthquake hit the East Japan on March 11th, 2011.
          However, our Kyoto has no damage.

          Under normal conditions, Kyoto is the busiest travel season. Sightseeing spots were crowded with many tourists.
          But there are not many visitors in Kyoto.
          That is because people don't have trip.

          After earthquake and Fukushima troubles, many travelers cancelled and stopped their travels. And most foreigners have left Japan. Therefore, we lost many reservations by cancellation.
          However, also, we received many e-mails with heartfelt sympathy to Japan.
          We deeply thank for their kindness.

          cherry blossom 2011
          Now, the cherry blossoms are blooming beautifully in Kyoto.
          Next season or future, we hope that we can meet these guests who couldn't come to our hostel.
          Merry Christmas
            ツリーMerry Christmasツリー

            Yesterday, I got a chrismas cake of Neon Genesis Evangelion.
            It is accompanied by a figure doll.
            And she is armed with special fork. It is called "Lance of Longinus"
            in "Neon Genesis Evangelion".
            It may be rare. Please see.

            Christmas cake
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