Let's go Mt. Atago
    I went to Mt Atago with my father, my sister and my niece.

    Mt. Atago is 924 mertes high, which is the highest mountain in Kyoto city.
    People have respected the God to protect people from a fire in the mountain for long time. That’s why many people climb to reach the Atago shrine on the top every day.
    Our start is side of Kiyotaki-river.


    There is the gate to mountain on the entrance.

    the gate to mountain

    On the way, there were gateways to sinto shrine which had English translation for foreigners from this year. I met some foreigners there.

    The total length of the mountain path is about 7.5km, which is the simplest and easiest way. However, there are steep uphill slopes and stairs alternately, which could make your legs tired. However, you can enjoy when you will meet different monuments and small shrines on side of the path.

    small shrine


    There are benches where people can rest, but not places where people can get water, so it’s recommended to bring water with you.
    And you can see good view of the Kyoto-city on rest-point.



    It has rained a lot this is year,and small land slide was seen on the half way point.
    There is a big cedar tree blown by tyhoon few years ago near the top of mountain. You can see it above your head.



    People were preparing “ Atogo thousandth visit”. “ Onwe thousandth visit “ is to climb the mountain from the night of 31thof July to go and worship at shrine.
    If you climb on that day, no matter how many times you have climbed or not, your climb will be counted as one thousandth. You will be given more luck.

    Some people are making preparations for “ Atogo thousandth visit”.
    It is set up nights path lamps along mountain path.
    The lamps also set up in the shrine of top by them.


    inside of shrine


    We ate lunch bought a charm in shrine, changed our clothes, and came down.
    Every year we finish the day by eating shaved ice at the foot of the mountain. It was a precious present for me.


    Here are attentions when you go to Mt. Atago.
     Climbers should take care followings.
     Climb with usual shoes.
     Bring enough water constantly.
     Climb with somebody. Or tell to somebody your climb.
    Because, you can’t use a mobile phone in Mt Atago when you are in an accident
     Bring a change of clothes.
     Do not climb, if you think you are not fit.
    The confectinary of Kyoto's summer

      This coming June 30th is meant to eat Japanese confectionary “Minaduki”.
      This date is just half of the year. In the shrines of each, it hold the ceremony “Nagoshi no harai” as pray for good health of latter half.
      And Minaduki is the symbolized confectionary of June.
      the shape is triangular rice-cake and azuki-beans on the top.
      This triangle is presenting the ice. And put azuki-beans is believing to possess the power to ward off evil spirits.
      Usually, basic type is white color. However, there are 2variations of green- tea and brown-sugar.
      If you find “Minaduki 水無月”in kyoto, let’s try it!

      If you keep it a bit cold, it will taste better!
      AT LAST!
        At last, the cherry tree begin blossom.

        Today, I found a frower of cherry on a cherry tree as follows.

        cherry of first

        At last, the season for "Cherry blossom" has come again to Kyoto.
        Happy new year!
          This year is called ”Tora-dosi"(year of the Tiger). People send the new year's cards to their friends and boss, Pleasures of this New Years holiday will be receiving greeting cards with beautiful illustrations or family's photo on them. And these cards have a lottery number. If you win the lottery, you can get some prizes.
          The prizes include travel coupons and special items from all over Japan.

          Let's enjoy New year of Kyoto.

          3rd aniversary welcome Maiko
            Guest House YAHATA marked its 3rd anniversary since its opening in 2007.


            To celebrate our anniversary, we invited Maiko, named Katsumi-san, over here from Gion-Kobu on November 18th. She performed a traditional Japanese dance piece for us, and we all had a great time watching it and chatting with her.

            On the 18th night, our guests came back to our place a bit earlier than usual and waited for her to come.
            At 9:30ish, Katsumi-san arrived. As soon as she stepped into the room, we were all amazed by her beauty. She is only 18years old, and has been Maiko since she was 16. She has big bright eyes and was very beautiful.
            First, she performed a traditional dance along with the famous song called “Gion-Kouta”.

            dance of maiko

            Then we had an opportunity to ask Maiko. Our guests tossed questions that they had about Maiko.
            “What do you do in the afternoon?” “How do you sleep with your hair up?” What’s the difference between Maiko and Geiko?”
            As we spend more time asking questions, it seemed our guests started to feel a bit relaxed.


            We then had a chance to learn an “Ozashiki-asobi(Game)” that Maiko plays, called “Konpira-san”. Ozashiki-asobi is an easy game to play with simple stuffs we all have in our room.
            The rule is simple; 2peole face to each other and put their hands on the object in front of them in turn. When there is the object in between them, you put your hand on it, and when your counterpart takes the object, you put your fist on it instead. It’s a very simple game with a song, but it tests your reflex ability.
            The time passed very quickly and in the end. Katsumi-san gave a Senja-fuda (Maiko-card) to each one of us. Despite the fact that we only had a tiny place to gather around, it seems our guests enjoyed it, and Katsumi-san also told us she had a good time with us.
            Along with our guests and Katsumi-san, we, the staffs, also had a blast and had a great experience.

            Syugou photo

            We would like to plan an event like this in the near future again!
            Finally, we thank Miss.Fukiko of our staff who interpreted into English and Japanese!!
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